Wednesday, May 12, 2010

another poem

The Ridge

Could it be that

we were separated

all along?

our feet pounding down

the parallel dirt

toes touching

by accident

on purpose

but not forever

and a ridge of earth

growing in between

as we dig

until it is too much

of a wall

for our toes

to climb

on purpose

and touch

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some poetry, inspired by recent events and experiences...

Deeply Awake and Wide Asleep

too soon,
a rising solar flare
burns its passionate colors
over your delicate face
and again
until thickened
and calloused



the eternal ocean
reaching and pulling
erases underfoot
the more precious
treasured too late

Fasion Role-Model

Would you see me better
if I stood on the cat walk
and shook my hips
wrapped in fabric
that clung
to every boney curve
of my body?

Or can you stand
the sight
of a woman with flaws
extra curves
and pimples
a nose and lips too small
and hair unmanageable
and ordinary?

Which look
will you blindly follow?
With which look
will I walk

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Positive Self Talk

It's a new trick I have. A little switch turned on, and ever since then I have been playing with this new ability to talk to myself, and believe it. I think that is the key. I used to try to tell myself things, nice things, hopeful things, pleasant and encouraging things. But, I always had a reason to refute those things, and I didn't believe it. Now, I just don't care if it's true to anybody else, or even true at all. It simply doesn't matter. As long as it gets me through the day, or the hour, or the minute, it is a useful thought.


I am a passionate and fascinating person. ( heh heh _ I just realized that saying it to myself is a lot more convincing than typing it out and broadcasting over cyberspace).

I can totally handle myself. I have self control. I am in possession of myself. (Not possessed, but in possession. That's different.)

I have experience in surprising myself in new situations. I can do it again.

I have a right to love chocolate, and eat it at will. ;o)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

End of an ending

#1: pursue career in counseling

#2: go to religiously conservative university, keeping pagan past and agnostic present to self

#3: discover program is weak in job preparation, not enough internship hours in the right place for licensure, and not requiring teaching certification when most school districts require this before hiring

#4: remember book by Buddhist nun about groundlessness, realize there is no way to control anything, relax, and renew self-delusions

#5: listen to supervisor about cutting back nia classes

#6: talk to husband about stopping nia classes during internship

#7: mourn nia classes

#8: remember book by Buddhist nun about groundlessness

#9: remember book by Buddhist nun about groundlessness

Thursday, September 3, 2009

a-ha moments in abundance

I have a wonderful feeling right now, and just thought I'd share it.

I am now officially in a counseling program. As always, I chew and chew on my decisions - sometimes acting impulsively and then disecting my reasoning later. I must say that I am learning so much in this experience. Learning just the beginning of all of the theories of counseling, the philosophies of personality development, self-actualization... it's just been so enlightening. Many of the concepts I have heard before, but never had the fullness of life experience to really take them in and KNOW them. Much of it is allowing a feeling of peace - with myself, with my limits, with my abilities, with my life.

It gives me the sense that I am in the right place. I am inspired by what I am learning, and taking it all in. I am understanding myself, the world, my place in it in so many different ways. It's really spectacular.

I also feel a very strong calling to be of service... to follow my heart and create something positive in the world. I already do this in my Nia classes, but now I feel driven to broaden my arena, challenge myself, and face the world in a more powerful and direct way.

And... it all starts here in my living room... as I learn how to fully own who I am, and let it shine out as my gift to the world.

How about you?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Seeing the writing on the hand

So it has been a long time coming... blame computer and digital camera issues... plus an ever changing spectrum of life situations vying for attention... all good!

I wrote on my hand today, prompted by 'the daily groove' e-zine that I get, well, daily. It's all about enjoying parenting, which sadly many people aren't able to do at times. See his website here. The idea was to write a reminder of what you love about your kids - in code (so the kids don't know what it is) - on your hand, and see if it changes your attitude and allows good feelings and things to be attracted to you throughout your day.

For my toddler, who has entered a not-so-cute-trantrum-throwing-phase, I drew the eyes for his intense focus and attention to detail. Even at this young age, he notices and mimics everything and knows exactly what he wants. A good trait, to be sure. It helps to appreciate it in that way when he MUST HAVE THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE TRAINS GRIPPED IN BOTH HANDS AT ALL TIMES.

For my seven (almost eight) year old, I drew a heart for his HUGE LOVING heart and his love for so many things in the world. He has followed in his dad's footsteps and become a voracious reader, and he throws himself into everything he chooses to do. He is always so excited to see people and get involved in the world, and he is always very sad to see them go away. He loves so much. I love that about him.

I like having those reminders written on my hand. Good things are happening in my mind at least!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Musing as I knit... letting go of a bad attitude

Monday's Muse from MaternalSpark

This photo is G, in the made-to-order FitKnits top. She wore it in Nia class this morning, and looked beautiful. She's such a joyful spirit. I've made a scarf with leftover yarn too. I am really enjoying my growing business!

Thinking as I knit (inspired by the knowledge that my anger creates dis-ease).

It is amazing the thoughts that one will believe in order to keep oneself bigger than life. I have had recent reason to take a good look at my attitude about life. I have been very angry about many injustices - the 'role' of women (even the phrase makes me cringe), let's face it: my role as a woman, what society accepts and doesn't, insensitivity, greed, and selfishness in powerful places... etc.

But, as my wise husband pointed out (after the train of thought brought us to many wild, wondrous, painful, and quiet places) it all comes down to pride.

The very thing that makes me angry in others, I am using to keep myself stuck in that anger. The pride that says the world should be the way I want it to be.

It is not that way. It is not that way for anybody.

Sigh (head down, tail between the legs). OK.

Can I just accept it all as what IS?

I'd love to hear from those who read this... What are your thoughts about the role of women, in society, in the home, in social connections, in anything? Are you satisfied with the way you are defined as a woman? Are you resigned to accepting it as it IS? If you are, I'd love to know how. This is a sticking point for me, which causes me and my family much strife.

What do you think, ladies?